The 21-Day Raw Food Recharge is designed with YOU in mind.


The mom that wants to make healthier choices for her family (but has no idea where to start)

The yo-yo dieter that is tired of counting calories, carbs and feeling deprived

The exhausted hard worker that’s lacking the energy to get it all done


I cut through all of the confusion and show you how to prepare, eat, and ENJOY REAL FOOD.

I challenge you to eat mostly raw food for 21 days, because it will take you to the mountaintop, but I also

teach you how to incorporate cooked meals as well.


You’ll find the balance that works for YOU.

Seriously, I’ve got you.



My greatest desire is that you will walk away from the Raw Food Recharge feeling empowered to make

better food choices. In fact, I am so confident that you’ll completely change the way that you look at food…

So what are you waiting for?


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The Program


  • How to ditch Gluten, Dairy & Processed Junk Food

  • How to create delicious meals with whole foods and minimal ingredients

  • How to read food labels: What to look for and what to avoid

  • How to identify food allergies & sensitivities without expensive testing

  • Which foods trigger common symptoms that you might be experiencing

  • How to kick the diet mentality and eat for optimal health… that means NO MORE calorie counting or eating from a box.


  • 21-Day Raw Food Recharge Program

  • Shopping Lists

  • 60+ Recipes

  • 14-day Suggested Menu Options (after 14-days, you get to choose your menu from the 60+ recipes!)

  • Access to my Private Facebook Group


Where do you think you’ll be in 6 months if you continue doing exactly what you’re doing right now?

Are you ready to rewrite your story and begin your healthy journey with me?

The next Raw Food Recharge begins when you are ready! This is a DIY program.


The investment in your health is only $97.

which also includes a 30 minute health session with me.

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To your health & happiness!


Janice Marto

AADP Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Nourish Whole Self, LLC

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