Gut Microbiome Makeover


Transform Your Digestive Health And Reclaim Your Life!


Reset your microbiome with a 30-day holistic approach to restore and re-inoculate your digestive system so you can experience lifelong digestive relief.

You’re feeling bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable after almost every meal. You’ve tried cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar – nothing seems to help.



You’ve probably been told that you need to take better care of your digestion, but you don’t know where to begin.



It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to taking care of our digestion.


It’s not your fault. Between all the conflicting information out there and the daunting task of overhauling our diet, it’s no wonder so many people feel lost when it comes to our gut health.





  • Severely eliminating the types of food you eat, starving your body of the nutrition it needs.

  • Taking over-the-counter antacids is only wreaking doing more harm than good.

  • Jumping from one “expert” to the next and still not finding a solution that works.

  • Avoiding parties and events because you’re uncomfortable attending and too embarrassed to eat out in public.

  • Feeling utter despair and giving up because nothing seems to be helping.








  • Clarity around foods, nutrition, and support your body needs to nourish and restore your microbiome.
  • A specific digestive program to help you eliminate digestive triggers that wreak havoc on your gut health.
  • Support and guidance to be able to stay committed to the program, remain inspired and feel encouraged every single step of the way.
  • A proven plan for what to eat and how to cook healthier meals that support your microbiome (even if you’re busy).
  • Resources to keep you focused and develop your understanding of how your body interacts wit the food you eat and the world around you, so you can make better choices that support your microbiome.


And if you’re thinking there is no way you’re going to find all of that in one easy-to-follow program…

Let me tell you about…

The Gut Microbiome Program

Reset your gut microbiome with a 30-Day holistic approach to restore and

re-inoculate your digestive system so you can experience life-long digestive relief.

Balanced Gut!



Improved Digestion!

Sustainable Wellness!

30-Day Gut Microbiome Makeover Program


Do you suffer from gut problems like bloating, constipation, or diarrhea?

You are what you eat.

And if you’re not digesting your food properly, you could be in for a world of hurt.

But… we know that to restore the microbiome – a FODMAP approach is the #1 way to find relief.

The low FODMAP diet is clinically proven to be an effective way to relieve symptoms of IBS and other digestive disorders. But this proven path can be hard to stick to if doing it alone. That’s why I’m committed to helping you find delicious, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare recipes that will help restore your microbiome.

The Gut Microbiome Program is a 30-day holistic approach that restores and

re-inoculates your digestive system so you can experience life-long digestive relief.

The 30-day Gut Microbiome Program is here to help you. This comprehensive program will walk you through everything you need to know about your digestive system, the microbiome, and how they work together to influence your overall health.

Plus, we’ll give you a detailed plan for restoring balance in your gut bacteria for improved digestion and relief from common gut problems.

And, by naturally restoring our microbiome we can reset our bodies and experience…  balanced gut, improved digestion, less bloating, and sustainable wellness.

I created the Gut Microbiome Program specifically to help you naturally reset your microbiome and allow your body the opportunity to heal from years of damage. This program gives you nothing but the best resources for learning, recipes for healing, and nourishing foods, plus guides, support, and advice along your journey to health and happiness.


When you sign up for the program, you’ll get:

  • The 30-Day Microbiome Makeover Guide – This is 37 pages of educational, transformational information. It gives you the smarts needed to improve gut health. What you do now can help to strengthen your system all season.
  • Omnivore Recipe Guide – These recipes were carefully crafted to help transform your digestive health. They are allergy-friendly, family-enjoyed, and naturally tasty! The omnivore recipe guide has 49 recipes.
  • Vegetarian Recipe Guide – These recipes were carefully crafted to help transform your digestive health. The are allergy-friendly, family-enjoyed, and naturally tasty! The vegetarian recipe guide has 48 recipes.
  • Suggested Meals and Shopping Lists – For the entire program in both Vegetarian and Omnivore version. This will keep you in the right aisles of the supermarket, eating the right foods.
  • The Microbiome Makeover Workbook – A handy 44-page workbook to help you establish a base line and chart your progress throughout the program.
  • Bonus E-Books – Daily Journal Pages, Fun Facts About the Microbiome & Bodily Bacteria, Grocery Cheat Sheet, Probiotic Cheat Sheet. Strategies & Support to Get Things Moving, The Do’s & Don’ts, Ultimate Poop Cheat Sheet
  • Extra Bonus – 2 thirty minute consultations with me to discuss your health concerns


By the end of the 30-Day program, you’ll find that you have:

  • Tons of long-lasting, all-day energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Clearer thoughts, a sharper memory, and mental acuity
  • Healthier, glowing skin
  • More joyful, peaceful mindset free from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm

Once your experience true health, you’ll want to keep up that incredible feeling! That’s why I’m including two 30-minute private consultations. You aren’t alone on your journey, and I want you to feel confident and secure as you go through the program and stick with it through out your life

What Our Customers Are Saying


“I was gaining weight and yet I was not eating too much food. I could not figure out what was wrong.  I thought I was eating healthy but realized I was eating foods that were not right for my body. I learned about probiotics and cultured foods. I also learned I needed to change the way I reacted to stress and this program helped me. I am grateful to have my life back.”


“I could not believe how amazing I felt after 2 weeks. I had no idea grains were making me so tired and bloated. I had no energy. I was eating sugar and could not give it up. I started this program and wrote in my food diary daily. I had an ah-ha moment when I ate oatmeal and felt exhausted. Since I gave up grains, no more rumbling in my stomach. Thank you. Thank you.”


“ For years I had acid reflux after I ate. I tried everything. I felt hopeless. I was scared to eat. I started doing this program and within 6 weeks, I felt like a new person. I learned how to properly combine my foods. I learned about cultured foods and my body is changing. I am so blessed. I am so thankful. I would not be here without you.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to take a lot of supplements?

No, you don’t. There are a few supplements (like a good probiotic) you may want to take to enhance your program results, but it’s entirely optional. You’ll be able to discuss your particular needs wit Janice during your complimentary strategy session.

Is this program just for vegetarians?

This program is for vegetarians as well as omnivores. Your choice – we have a recipe for both!



Will I lose weight during this program?

There are no guarantees, but it’s very likely that you will lose weight during the program. When your gut isn’t functioning properly, it can impact your over all health. Eating healthy food and creating new lifestyle habits that support digestive function can improve metabolism which will allow your body to lose excess weight naturally.

Still Have Questions?

Schedule a complimentary strategy session with Janice. She’s happy to answer any questions you may have!

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