Bite Size Pecan Pie Surprise

Bite Size Pecan Pie Surprise

Bite Size Pecan Pie Surprise

Pecans, dates, Medjool dates are the best.
Adults and kids are in love with this recipe. So much fun and ridiculously easy.
Take a date and take out the pit. Stuff a pecan inside of it. VOILA. Done and eat.
You can also substitute walnuts or even pistachios.
If you get really ambitious you can toast the dates in a pan until they give off a divine aroma then stuff away.
Vegan , Vegetarian
Submited by : The YogaNurse®- Annette Tersigni RNFunny Story about the recipe : At one of my cleansing retreats, all of the guests LOVED the stuffed dates. I brought out the ingredients as a treat during one of our evening programs. They all had a blast “stuffing themselves.”

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