Warm Peaches

Warm Peaches

ripe peaches
coconut oil
melt a small amount of coconut oil in a frying pan. Peel and cut ripe peaches, remove pit. Place peached, removed pit side down in pan. When peach starts to get golden in color, flip to the other side. When that side starts to become golden brown, drizzle local honey to taste and grate fresh cinnamon over entire peach. Let this carmelize a bit. Serve hot. Total time, approx 20-30 mins.
Dairy Free
Submited by : Jacqueline DunbarFunny Story about the recipe : I did a presentation to a group of 20 people at a meeting one morning at 8AM. Each person had half a peach on a plate in front of them when they sat down. They were well received, all eaten except those people that don’t like fruit!

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