Moroccan Orange and Cinnamon

Moroccan Orange and Cinnamon

Moroccan Orange and Cinnamon

One peeled and sliced orange
Frozen or fresh blueberries (or other berries)
Grapes (or other fruit)
Sunflower or other seeds or nuts
Cinnamon, grated
Garnish with mint if in season. It looks delicious and inviting without the garnish also!
Basically put the fruits on a plate, sprinkle with cinnamon, add seeds or nuts!
Diabetic Friendly , Vegan , Vegetarian
Submited by : Wendy WatsonFunny
Story about the recipe : Moroccan Orange and Cinnamon Submitted by Wendy Watson 6/6/2014 We’ve upped the health and delight of this traditional Moroccan dessert by adding more fruits and seeds for a satisfying afternoon snack or dessert. On a brief trip to Morocco, this dish was served after lunch and dinner, and I loved it. It was perfectly refreshing after a meal, and I appreciated not having something heavy. All of the fruits are rich in antioxidants, phytonutrients, bioflavanoids, fiber, vitamins and minerals. After reading about the benefits of each fruit, it might make you want to eat lots of them, often! Cinnamon has the highest antioxidant strength of all the food sources in nature, and has been prized since the written word for medicinal and culinary properties. Try sprinkling organic cinnamon liberally on many things! I upped my cinnamon use once I learned how great it is!

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