Healthy Smoothie

Healthy smoothie

Healthy smoothie

2 -4 oz organic plain yogurt
1/4 cup hemp seed (not ground)
1-2 tbsp greens product (your choice-Barleans or similar)
1 tbsp of Maaca powder
1 tbsp raw organic cacao
1/4 cup frozen or fresh berries, apples, or any seasonal fruit (stay away from high glycemic fruits like bananas or pineapple etc if sensitive)
Plain almond milk or water
Optional: soaked raw almond or walnuts, almond butter, crushed ice
In a magic bullet or similar fill with in order listed and blend.
1 serving. Great for lunch or a breakfast on the go. Lots of raw foods with tons of enzymes and plenty of protein. Gluten free if you select gluten free greens.
Changing the fruit portion completely changes the taste so it never gets boring! Kids love it too!
Submited by : Jill Merrill

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