Amazing Wheatgrass Smoothie

Amazing Wheatgrass Smoothie

Amassing Wheatgrass Smoothie

handful of ice cubes
1 cup of freshly diced pineapple ( you can use frozen if you like)
3 table spoons of wheatgrass powder
1 table spoon chia seeds
Blend and Enjoy over icy glass!
Dairy Free
Submited by : AdedayoFunny Story about the recipe : Amazing Wheatgrass Smoothie: You know how the taste of wheatgrass is so grassy!? Hence the main reason we take it with shot glasses so we can chunk it down real quick without really tasting it? Try my amazing wheatgrass smoothie recipe and you won’t have to hastily gulp your wheatgrass in a shot! The essential part of detoxing is feeling good and being able to sip on natural goodness as a way of being present and grounded, this recipe gives you just that!  Now you can slowly enjoy the art of drinking this natural wheatgrass goodness, frolicking on every taste, pacing your self and enjoying every sip! No more gulping through your morning nourishment ! This recipe tastes delicious! Wellbeing at its finest! Xo

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