Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon Filets



Cedar Plank Grilled Salmon Filets

Wild Caught Coho Salmon Filets (Wild Caught Salmon is the important part)

Cedar Plank(s)

2 TBSP Tamari
1 TBSP Dijon Mustard
1/2 – 1 tsp fresh Ginger Juice (squeeze grated Ginger Root)
2 – 3 Scallions (Green Onion)

Follow soaking directions for Cedar Plank.

Mix Tamari, Dijon, Ginger Juice and Scallions in a bowl.

Top Salmon Filets with mixture.

Follow grilling directions for Cedar Plank.

Place Salmon filets on planks.

Cook time depends on size of filets. Salmon is a fish that is delicious when removed from heat while still pink in the center. It will rest while you are plating the balance of your meal.


Diabetic Friendly , Vegetarian
Submited by : Rommy Kirby
WebSite : http://www.radiantoptimalwellness.com
Funny Story about the recipe : Because we live in a town home, we grill in our driveway and have the best time driving our neighbors dogs nuts on their evening walks. At first, it seemed weird to grill from the driveway instead of the deck, but this way we get to actually interact with our neighbors and have made some terrific friends…who doesn’t like a good meal, right?


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