I remember years ago struggling from diet to diet. I would tell myself every day I had to count calories, not eat fat, track my meals on a point tracker, and to never touch a carb.

I spent my whole day dwelling on calories and points, and honestly, it was exhausting and frustrating.

Fast forward to today. I am a certified health coach, and I believe in eating food that gives me more energy, better sleep, better skin and I focus less on counting the calories; actually, I never count calories. I also ditched the point’s tracker. I was inspired to become a health coach because I wanted to finally ditch the diet.

Now, I focus on nutrients and fueling my body with vitamin rich food.

I wanted to eat healthy food and always feel satisfied.

If you want to never feel deprived again…

If you want to never count a calorie or point again…

If you want to never worry about not eating fat…


Then I have the perfect solution for you.

I finally realized it was not the diet. It was the fact that I had not found what foods were right for my unique body. I had not accessed my own healthy blueprint for living. I was eating food that was inflaming my body and making me feel bloated. I would eat a tasty meal and instantly have belly bloat. Ugh!


I was sick of feeling this way. I realized I needed to take action, and I did, it was not about the next diet or the next book or the next fad thing or quick fixes, it was about doing something different. I was going to ditch the diet forever.

I thought I was eating healthy; I thought I knew what was right for my body until I discovered I was sensitive to certain foods that were giving me headaches, bloating my belly and making me feel tired. Some of these foods were actually considered “healthy”!!!

Finally, I found the food that fuels my unique body, and I said goodbye to the bloat, the headaches, and the excess weight. I developed an 11-day detox program that will teach you what I have learned myself, how to eliminate which food is not working for you and how to replace it with food that will give you the results and the body you deserve.

Are you ready to ditch the diet forever with me?

Are you ready to never count a calorie or point again?

Here are all the details:


11-Day Summer Clean Eating Detox

The 11-Day Summer Clean Eating Detox allows you to ditch unwanted bloat and weight gain without ever feeling deprived.

This Program is not just a detox. So often we think of the word deprivation when we hear the word DETOX; instead, this is a program designed to eliminate foods that may be wreaking havoc on your system and not allowing you to reach your health goals. Food has such incredible power.

Food can either inflame you or fuel you. During this 3-phase program that is safe, effective and proven, you will learn what foods give you inflammation and what foods give you the right fuel you need reach your health goals.

The program begins on August 15

Register by August 8 and receive a “Salad In A Jar Workshop” in my kitchen [$25 value]. Make 5 healthy salads to take home with you (organic salad ingredients included) to set you up for success in the detox.
Click here for all the details.

I will promise you one thing. You will be forced to eat and enjoy the most delicious food you have ever tasted in your life. You will feel refreshed, renewed and alive. I want you to feel what I felt when I accessed my own blueprint for success. AMAZEMENT!

Join me for my 11-Day Summer Clean Eating Detox

Click here to Register Now! 

I look forward to supporting you during the detox!

In health and happiness,

Janice Marto

Certified Health & Wellness Coach


P.S. Remember to register by August 8 to receive the “Salad In A Jar Workshop” in my kitchen. Click here to signup 

Enjoy this Berry Bomb Smoothie recipe from the 11-Day Summer Clean Eating Detox

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