It happens to us all — you’ve been crushing your health goals, and things are going great.  Until vacation rolls around, and the endless buffet on your cruise ship derails you…or so you think.  We often feel shame afterward, and it’s common to let these “slip-ups” demotivate us. The important piece of this puzzle is learning how not to let such a thing hinder you and how to find your motivation to jump back on track.

Here are a few of my favorite ways I do this in my own life…

Don’t use a slip-up as an excuse.  When you have a cupcake that you have deemed forbidden to eat, an easy trap to fall into is turn it into a downward spiral.  You feel as if you’ve already “messed up,” so what’s another cupcake, or three?  This mindset often continues with the rest of your day — you’ll just turn it into a cheat day, you say.  When you reason with yourself in this way, you can easily let one treat turn into an entire day or weekend of less than healthy eating choices.  Don’t let one treat spoil your plans; bounce right back and choose to balance your decision with a very healthy lunch or an extra side of greens at dinner.  Enjoy the cupcake, and move right along.

Observe and learn from your habits.  Instead of seeing your slip-up as a failure, find the lesson in it.  Often people tend to identify with the mistakes or successes they experience.  I invite you to look at the slip-up and search for the reasons behind it.  Dig deep to find what triggered you to make the choices you did, which can also lead to finding a way to prevent it from becoming a habit in the future.  Sometimes a fresh gelato on vacation is just a necessity!  But when habits creep in that derail your health plans on a regular basis, they are worth observing and learning from.

Seek out for support from others
Feeling supported and being motivated by others is a great way to breeze past your slip-ups and get back in the health game.  That’s exactly what I do as a Health Coach, and I’d love to chat with you about how I can help you reach your health goals and not get derailed.  Click here to set up a free 20 minute session via phone.

When you’ve used these tips, and given yourself the pep-talk that you need, then you’re ready to move on from the slip-up and continue on your health journey. Small slips will no longer sabotage your motivation.  Having the wisdom to see it for what it is, not let it keep you from pursuing your goals, is the fuel that will keep you on track for many years to come.

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