What others had to say…

Wow, I can’t believe 28 days flew by!! It was the best 28 days of my life. I’ve learned so much in such a short time. These recipes and advice you gave me are going to last me a lifetime. It has changed my life and eating habits in a wonderful way. I feel great and am happy with myself and I owe that to you. For your encouraging words, advice, techniques and delicious recipes. I’m loving tofu & the healthy smoothies & a healthier lifestyle!

I will definitely keep you updated & in touch. When I visit Atlanta, I will let you know. It would be a great pleasure & honour to meet you in person. Words can’t say how helpful & thankful you are to me. I’m so happy that Jonathan hooked me up with you. I know I’ve learned more from the 28-day program than if I just did a detox plan.

Again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. And yes I will post pictures of the baby…when she decides to come!!!

Ladsany V

Boston, MA

I recently went through Janice Marto’s, 12 Day Detox, with the intention of bringing some balancing to my life. It was the first time, in over a year that I was able to make big decisions, because of clean foods decluttering my mind. I was energized and much more alert. I was able to fall asleep at night, without taking sleeping pills. In the past, lots of coffee was a daily part of my regimen, but now I prefer herbal teas.

Janice made me very aware of the importance of keeping hydrated and I have continued the lemon water, every morning. Now, I read labels and pay close attention to how I order food when eating out. I was totally amazed at the whole process, but even more with the dedication, motivation and wisdom that Janice shared.

Leonna S

Atlanta, GA

… I made the decision to commit to the 12-day detox program during the first of January. I had been experiencing abdominal bloating,  weight gain, fatigue and inflammation amongst other uncomfortable symptoms. I knew that my diet had to be the cause. Janice was so helpful and encouraging to me to give the 12 days a try. In the first few days, I experienced headaches probably due to the caffeine withdrawal. The daily visualization and meditation exercises were helpful to me continuing the program each day. And, as the days went on and I became more used to ignoring the foods I was trying to avoid, I settled into a new routine. In the 12 days of the program, I shed 10 unnecessary pounds and felt much more comfortable in my clothes. Jeans that had grown snug now fit again with ease.

My favourite piece of the program that I commit to continuing with is the daily lemon water. I began incorporating some of the foods that I had avoided back into my diet, but I have changed for the better and don’t want to go back into the state I was in before the program started. Thanks to my health and wellness coach, Janice Marto, for being a constant source of positive encouragement and recommendations including healthy recipes,  routine email and texts to touch base and for setting up helpful programs off-site that encourage continued healthy living.

Betsey N

Marietta, GA

I could not have learned about the 28-day program at a better time in my life. After years of being in top-notch shape, assisted by long-distance running, I found myself needing to change my eating habits and how I felt about myself after hip surgery, which took me out of running for over six months. I started the 28-day program hopeful that it would help me not only lose weight but also change my eating habits while I was rehabbing and starting to return to running.

I am so grateful that I entered the program. I not only lost 10 pounds, but more importantly, I learned how to make food work for me, not against me. The results were slow at first, but after I worked hard to have the foods on hand that I needed to get started; things fell into place. I got more enthusiastic when I found new tasty meals that filled me but did not make me feel guilty. It was fun to look for new recipes in the materials provided by this program, which I put in a loose-leaf binder. I was impressed with Janice Marto because she never made me feel my questions were unimportant and was happy to share her successful recipes with me. My family not only supported me but enthusiastically embraced our new menus. We had fun!

I can only conclude by saying that the 28-day program changed my life because it helped me discard negative habits and adopt a healthier way of eating. I strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to change their life too.

Katie C

Atlanta, GA

I cannot begin to tell you how working with Janice has changed my life! She educated me on just what is hidden in our food. The additives, chemicals. I honestly had no idea what I was putting into my body. I do now and the difference it has made in my overall well-being is amazing!

My digestion is back on track and I am no longer sluggish. I have so much energy. She got me started on a workout regimen! I feel and look great! Thank you, Janice!!


Atlanta, GA

Janice knows more about organic nutrition than anyone I have spoken with on the topic – I highly recommend her.


Atlanta, GA

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