Skinny Black Dress Challenge



Are you ready to slip into that Skinny

Black Dress

you’ve stared at for too long?

But… it’s just not fitting right.



Every woman knows how it feels to struggle in the dressing room.

Every woman gets how uncomfortable it feels to be in a room where we worry about our looks.

More than anything, you just want to look good and feel even better.



What if you had a sexy body plan to help you shed the unwanted weight and lose the muffin top just in time to get your sexy back in that Skinny Black Dress?


Now’s your chance.

Get ready to have it all with the …

7-Day Skinny Black Dress Challenge!



Hey, beautiful! I know you’ve tried every diet in the book, read every good article you could, and

you’ve had your fair share of let downs.

Now it’s time to turn the tables and ditch the diet mentality. I’ll show you how to get the sexy body

results you want in 7 days flat.



Grab your heels; your dress is waiting for you.



The 7-Day Skinny Black Dress Challenge comes with everything you need to slip into your favorite dress without embarrassment or discomfort. You’ll be shaking your hips on the dance floor in no time – without worry.

When you sign up for this challenge, you get:

  • My 24-page e-guide loaded with tips to help you get your body back!

  • Delicious, easy to prepare recipes you’ll love to eat!

  • A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the store

  • A 7-day suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so you don’t have to wonder what to eat to get the results you want

  • An online community of ladies waiting to rock this 7-day challenge with you! You can also do the challenge anytime you are ready as a DIY.

The next online group starts on March 10!

I would love for you to join us!

Once you signup you will be added to the private Facebook group.


This is your SEXY BODY PLAN.





You can look and feel fabulous even if you:

  • Juggle work and home life non-stop

  • Haven’t been on top of your eating habits in forever

  • Pull endless days and have an endless to-do list

  • Live the crazy life of a hard-working woman or mommy



To your health & happiness!


Janice Marto

Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Nourish Whole Self, LLC


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