14-Day Summer Clean Eating Detox

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Are You Ready To Make a Healthy Lifestyle Change?



What if there was an easier way to feel healthier without depriving yourself and counting all those calories?





  • NOURISH your body from the INSIDE – OUT!
  • SHED 5-10 lbs. of toxins with my wholesome, delicious, simple plan.
  • Time to feel radiant again so you can walk with confidence.
  • You will have rocking’ energy, lose the muffin top, ditch the dark circles under your eyes, and wake up feeling energized when you cleanse out the toxins.
  • Time to look in the mirror and say, “damn, I look good.”
  • Time to wake up in the morning NOT needing the strongest espresso to get your body moving.
  • Time to look great in those skinny jeans and put your favorite sexy black heels on for a Saturday night date.
  • Time to loosen the belt buckle my friend and drop a pants size.
  • Time to hit the RESET button and say bye-bye to belly bloat, fatigue, and dry skin.
  • Time to OWN a HEALTHY GUT: normal poops, less gas, less cramping, less heartburn



You Can Have It All When You Join My




Why will coaching with me FIX your SEXY?


I have been in your shoes before. I am an ordinary woman just like you. I know what it is like to feel exhausted and fatigued. Isn’t it time you felt sexy again?! I know how to hit the RESET button. I am sharing my simple secrets with you, beautiful.


Are you ready to reset your body, speed up your metabolism and drop a few pounds this summer?

Yes, gorgeous you are.



  • You are set up for success when you have a step-by-step plan. A simple, wholesome program gives you vitality, confidence, and a road map you can follow day-to-day to reboot your body.
  • You will have accountability, support by me while eating delicious seasonal foods to recharge your body.
  • You can quit saying you will make changes tomorrow so you can see results TODAY.
  • You can quit worrying about everyone else and build a commitment to your health – because you want to feel healthy and look fabulous, right?
  • Let’s kick the belly gurgling to the curb cause’ when you learn my secret tools (that just won’t happen).







Plus you receive bonus handouts


For 14 days, we will focus on YOU.


  • You ditch processed foods, dairy, wheat, soy and sugars that rob us all of the nutrients and leave us exhausted.
  • Do not worry anymore. I’ve laid out all my entire routine, and you can follow it. All you have to do is download a plan to your iPhone, iPad or desktop, then go shopping and prep your meals. Easy enough, right?
  • Let’s get your body cleansed so you can love the way you feel in your skin.



  • You CAN ditch the horrible belly bloat, which means a flatter tummy and a toned
  • You CAN get your energy back, so you can do more of what you love in life.
  • You CAN say buh-bye exhaustion and not crash at 3 PM looking for the next coffee fix.
  • You CAN release the toxins, making it easy to lose weight.
  • You CAN have glowing skin because toxins lead to wrinkles, cellulite, and acne. 

Here is the solution you’ve been waiting for….

The 14-Day Summer Clean Eating Program


I Created This Program For Five BIG Reasons:


  • There’s too much conflicting information out there about what to eat. It’s too confusing. So I’m calling for an end to info overwhelm.
  • I want to empower YOU (yeah, you!) with the right tools for healthy cleansing so you can improve your immune system in a safe and nourishing way.
  • The world needs to know fancy pills or powders aren’t required for weight loss; real food was meant to do the trick.
  • You can use these steps over and over.
  • You deserve a quality program, packed with all the recipes and step-by-step instructions you need to cleanse naturally– one you can use over and over again throughout the entire season to refresh and reboot.


Are YOU ready to ditch the toxins, refresh, and renew?


Are YOU ready to change the way you look and feel?




So… what happens when you remove the foods packing on toxins, anyway?
  • You’ll feel 10 years younger
  • You can reach your weight loss goals with more ease & grace
  • Your battle with food can stop being such an uphill struggle
  • You wipe the slate clean – and give your body a whole new start.



Fact: Making changes and living a stress-free is not an alone job.

We all need accountability.



Did you know: Your body is carrying roughly 5-10 pounds of toxicity at any given time? Which means a headache, bloated belly, or that extra weight that’s staying on. Yep. Probably toxicity.

The toughest part? All too often, we eat “healthy” foods that are wreaking havoc on our system and creating more toxins.


Luckily, there’s a simple solution:

A whole foods clean eating program.


Folks, it’s time to leave the confusion, diet books, and deprivation behind! This program will guide you, step by step, through eliminating the foods that may be ruining your health and happiness.


This step-by-step approach to cleansing is designed to help you finally figure out which foods work for your body and fuel you – and which ones don’t – in a safe and effective way sister. You will not feel like you’re missing out on your favorite foods.


How does this program work? 

It’s a safe and effective program based on eliminating foods, which means we take away foods that may be hampering your digestion and taking away from your vitality. We slowly add them back in during the transition phase and see how your body reacts to these foods.


Phase 1: Preparation 4 Days

  • A kickoff meeting with me to review the program and answer your questions
  • Choose your meals and snacks from over 50+ chef-created recipes
  • Plan your cooking schedule
  • Go grocery shopping!
  • Begin to eliminate a list of common allergenic foods
  • Introduce deliciously, nutrient-dense, whole foods
  • Get your detox-supporting tools

Phase 2: Detoxification 7 Days

  • Follow the daily protocol outlined in your At-A-Glance
  • Eat the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that have been suggested for you.
  • Eliminate common allergenic foods
  • Practice detox support tools that push out the toxins and support overall wellness
  • Restore your gut, ditch your sugar cravings, strengthen your cells
  • Take complete control of your body

Phase 3: Transition 4 Days

  • Start the phase with office hours to prepare you for the transition phase.
  • Reintroduce certain foods on a day-by-day basis using the suggested meals in your At-A-Glance.
  • Devote time and energy to connecting the dots and reflecting on how your body reacts to each food and uncover potential hidden food allergies.
  • Discover which foods help your unique body thrive, eliminate bloating and possibly even shed a few pounds.


Summer Collage


What happens when you buy?

  • You get access to all the materials
  • You get access to the private and exclusive online forum
  • You can do this program at your own pace
  • You get access to me, in a private forum for 14 days (ask me any and all questions)



You can have all of these amazing results when you follow these steps.


  • Eliminate foods that are wreaking havoc on your digestion, leading to bloating and blah.
  • Boost your immune system, so the common cold does not take you down.
  • Get rid of that middle section by learning what foods reduce belly fat and drain the lymphatic system.
  • Ditch the old BFF, sugar (yep, I used to be a sugar-a-holic).
  • Have killer energy that is consistent throughout the entire day.
  • Have better bowel movements (because being constipated is the worst).
  • Sleep like a baby, which means not waking at 3 AM (when the liver is most active).
  • Flatten your belly, by reducing foods that may be wreaking havoc on your system and causing bloat.
  • Eliminate or reduce coffee, and stop spending money on Starbucks.


Blame the toxic inflammation you’re carrying around with you.

From belly bloat to my own food sensitivities,

there is one common link – chronic inflammation.

Did You Know: Inflammation = Exhaustion


“Toxins from food and the environment can make you fat. Toxins may come in the form of medication, bacteria, industrial chemicals, and heavy metals such as mercury. These pollutants can damage or block the signals that control your appetite. You can cleanse your body with the right balance of protein, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients found in plant foods.” – Dr. Mark Hyman


I don’t believe in fad diets, whatsoever. No Way!

I believe in clean eating.










Why is this program different?


  • This program is virtual, which means you get access to your materials, the forum, and my coaching right away, and you can participate from anywhere in the world and at your convenience.
  • This program lays out every step you need to take daily, which means your meals, shopping lists, handouts to make cleansing easy, suggested breathing techniques and suggestions for daily cleansing are all laid out for you.
  • This program is loaded with 50+ recipes, so you never feel deprived (& you can use these recipes over and over again).
  • This program is filled with low glycemic, low sugar recipes and teaches you how to properly food combine, which leads to more energy for you overall.
  • This program is not about a quick fix. I am teaching you exactly what I do in my own life to improve my immune system and cleanse my body.
  • This program will teach you what I do in my everyday life to have a strong immune system, killer energy, and get my sexy back no matter what age.
  • This program was created for busy people, just like you and me, who want more energy, need a concrete plan, desire less stress, and want recipes at their fingertips. (I’ve done all the work for you. Now you just need to come on board).



What You Get By Making An Investment In Your Health: 

Program Materials:

  • Recipe Guide: packed with over 50 scrumptious recipes that will improve digestion, jump start metabolism, kiss the muffin top goodbye, and keep you feeling that killer woman energy all day long. {$95 value}
  • 11-Days of Suggested Meals + a Shopping List: keeps you on track and makes your life easier, it’s the perfect resource for the busy woman and Momma. Trips to the supermarket are suddenly super-simple, which makes prepping, preparing, and cooking for your cleanse a breeze, too {$95 value}
  • 11 Days At-a-Glance: a day-by-day overview of your entire cleanse, with easy-to-follow recipes that make this journey easy as 1-2-3 {$130 value}
  • Food Diary: this amazing tool will help you keep track of how you’re feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout your retreat. {$35 value}
  • Daily Email Support: I will be with you every step of the way to answer questions, share success, give advice, and support you through your journey. ($75 value)
  • Private Facebook Group Support: Everyone needs a team of motivated friends to support them through the process. I’ve included a group of like-minded detoxers to help you during your journey.
  • Bonus Handouts: ” How To Banish Cellulite”, “How To Create a Vision Board”, “How To Remove Negative People Form Your Life”, “How To Detox Your Facebook Account”, and “Draw Your Way to Fulfillment”.  {$125 value}


A 30-Minute Private Strategy Session

Let’s create a game plan and set you up for success beyond the program! 

14 Days of Support + Recipes + Program Materials worth well over $900

But you get it all for ONLY $97




Signing up for the Program is easy:

  1. You buy the program.
  2. You start to read through your documents and get excited because life is about to change in a good
  3. You start to eat clean and recharge.


It’s time to kick it up a notch, my friend and say YES to you!



You deserve it.

  • Get the bowels flowing (constipation seriously stinks).
  • Reconnect with your body and ditch the yo-yo dieting forever (I mean, how exhausting is it anyway, right?).
  • Say “So long!” to those cute little donuts (cause the sugar roller coaster is taking you down) and shout “Hello!” to blood sugar balancing.
  • Banish the bags under your eyes, ‘cause you deserve to look freaking’ adorable.
  • Increase your energy levels, ‘cause walking around feeling wicked tired is the worst.
  • Strengthen your immune system, ‘cause getting that nasty cold over and over is just not a way to live.

… and more!


Join this program and purify your body and mind.

Plus, you have access to the exclusive Facebook forum, which means you can ask me any question, anytime!



  • Eliminate foods that are wreaking havoc on your digestion.
  • Boost your immune system, so the common cold doesn’t take you down.
  • Get rid of that middle section by learning what foods reduce belly fat and drain the lymphatic system.
  • Get happy! Healthy probiotics boost your mood and drop your stress.
  • Ditch the old BFF, sugar. Yep, I used to be a sugarholic, too.
  • Have killer consistent energy for the entire day.
  • Poop better, because being constipated is the worst.
  • Sleep like a baby, which means not waking at 3 AM when your liver is most active.
  • Flatten your belly, by cutting out the foods that wreak havoc on your system and cause bloat.
  • Save a ton of cash when you stop blowing your pay at
  • Starbucks’ and eliminate or reduce your coffee intake.


Reset your body from the inside out and feel sexy again.





Isn’t it time for you to get that glow back?

Join me for only $97



Let’s Get Healthy Together.

Hi! My name is Janice Marto and I am a certified Health & Wellness Coach.

I’m a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I am certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

I started my coaching practice, Nourish Whole Self, to help women reclaim their health, feel vibrant again, kick toxicity to the curb, and find balance from the inside out naturally. I offer individual coaching, online DIY and group programs, like this one!


Frequently asked questions

  • Who is this for? Everyone can benefit from this program. But if you are experiencing health issues or not meeting your health goals despite already eating healthy and exercising, this program, based on an elimination diet, can help you identify other factors going on in your body that you may not be aware of.
  •  Doesn’t detox mean deprivation? No. Deprivation is eating the “wholesome” Standard American Diet (SAD – isn’t it ironic?) filled with factory-made, genetically-modified foods that contain enormous amounts of chemicals, preservatives, bad fats and sugar, and getting NO nutrition from it. Detoxing is the opposite of deprivation because you’ll get all the nutrients your body needs.
  • Will I be hungry on this program? Absolutely not! Each meal is nutrient-dense which will keep you satisfied until your next meal.
  • Will I Experience Any Unpleasant Side Effects From Detoxing? You may or may not. Some people who have never eaten whole foods experience detox symptoms while others who eat clean breeze through without any symptoms at all. Either way, I provide you with all of the tools you need to get through this detox with the most success.
  • I have a food allergy. Can I still do this program? Absolutely! If you have an allergy to a food recommended in this program, you can easily remove or substitute that ingredient or meal for another one in the recipe guide.
  • I have a medical condition. Is this program still safe for me? While this program is based on eating only whole foods, it is still advised that you consult your physician before beginning this or any program. Note: It is important to consult your doctor before starting any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that inflame you and foods that fuel you. This program is a guided self-discovery program. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


It is important to consult your physician before beginning any new eating or exercise program. This is a clean eating program designed to teach you the difference between foods that inflame you and foods that fuel you. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

As with most digital and print offerings from audio and eBook retailers: there are no refunds on programs or products that can be downloaded, viewed, copied, or stored in an electronic format. This is an industry standard. Therefore, this program is non-refundable; please read the full program details and FAQs before purchasing any program or product.

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