What it is:

It’s salmon, caught in the wild, from Alaska. Duh!

Why I love it:

Did you know that 80-90% of salmon in the United States is farmed

salmon? Did you know that farmed salmon have much higher levels

of things like PCB’s, dioxins,

pesticides, antibiotics, and

methylmercury than their wild


Salmon is heart healthy and

brain healthy though, so if you’re

going to eat it then it better be

Wild Caught Alaskan or Pacific


Lots of people eat seafood

because it’s a source of lean

protein, but they don’t put

thought into the source of the seafood. The risks of regularly eating

most farmed fish species greatly outweighs the health benefits.

Here is the difference between Atlantic Salmon and Pacific/Alaskan Salmon:

Atlantic Salmon

All Atlantic Salmon, no matter what the label, menu, or

waiter says, is farmed. Native wild stocks of Atlantic

Salmon were depleted by overfishing many years ago,

and they are struggling to make a come back.

Commercial fishing of Atlantic Salmon is actually

prohibited by law. Any menu that reads “Wild Atlantic

Salmon” is pulling one over on you. It’s farmed. Skip it.

Pacific/Alaskan Salmon

This is true Wild Alaskan Salmon and it is gooooood for

you! There are 5 species of Pacific Salmon: Chinook,

Chum, Coho, Pink and Sockeye.

Wild salmon have low levels of PCB’s and mercury and have some of the highest levels of heart, brain, everything healthy Omega-3 fatty acids. I eat wild salmon at least once a week. Enjoy!

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